Is your product a moisturizer? Do I need to buy a moisturizer if I buy a serum?

Think of this product as the finishing touches to a cleansed face. Ideally, one should apply any water serums first, before applying the oil serum, to seal in the actives of both the serums. A moisturizer can then be applied thereafter. If you would like, you can mix the Potion with your normal daily moisturizer and then apply both to the face at the same time.

You can mix the Potion with your body lotions or add a few drops to your bathtub/shower routine.

Is it vegan?

Yes. We are a proudly vegan company and will not manufacture products from animal sources.

Will this product cause breakouts on my skin?

No. All our ingredients are chosen specifically for their soothing and delicate effect on the skin. All our products have a low comedogenic rating, meaning they will not clog pores.

An allergy test should be conducted to ensure that you have no reactions to specific ingredients. We do not recommend these products if you have nut allergies.

For an allergy test, place this product on the inner arm, and wait 24 hours.

Sometimes, allergies can occur with products, regardless of the quality of the ingredients. In such a situation, discontinue use immediately. 

We do not believe in 'skin purging' - thats nonsense in our books, if you're body doesn't like something, stop using it immediately. That's a safer, smarter choice. 

When do I use this product?

You may use the serums daily, twice a day, after washing your face.

You may use this product as a night mask by applying serum more generously before bed.

How much product should I use?

It depends on the product you have :

Glow potion is potent, and you only need 1-2 drops. 

Repair potion - 2-5 drops

Pure Potion – 2-7 drops

Vitamin C Potion - 2 - 3 drops

You may use more or less, depending on your skin type. We recommend starting slowly and progressing with usage. 

Do I need to apply this before or after my moisturiser?

You should apply this before moisturiser or with moisturiser ( mixing both serum and moisturiser in one hand)

Will this product make me oily, especially if I have oily skin?

Absolutely not. If used according to instructions, this product will help you manage oily skin by nourishing and hydrating skin. Oily skin is a result of over-active sebum glands. These glands tend to overproduce oil when your skin is dehydrated. The oil serums provide a deep layer of moisture and much-needed vitamins to the skin’s upper dermis, stopping the sebum glands from producing so much oil.

The serums manufactured are fast absorbing, fast drying and do not make the skin greasy.

Can I use cooking oil on my face instead?

Cooking oils are high in oleic acids, which tend to clog pores. Coconut oil, Marula oil, and Evening Primrose oil are terrible for the face and are known to clog pores.

Sunflower oil will not clog pores, but because of its density, it will make you look greasy or shiny. Only fast-drying oils are appropriate for your delicate facial skin.

Why do I need a serum?

Serums ( the potions, specifically) are beneficial because they are potent, highly concentrated plant materials which have been steam distilled to produce a natural and highly effective concentrate. We all know that cucumber applied under the eyes make the eyes look more rested. What if you have 100 cucumbers squeezed into one bottle?

A serum is essentially a boost that your skin needs to hydrate deeply (thereby reducing wrinkles) and brighten skin tone.

Do oil serums work as well as water serums? 

Oil serums are far more efficient than natural water serums. A water serum concentrate does not hold nearly enough vitamins. Think of natural water serums as the by-product or leftover material that is obtained after extracting the oils from a plant. Therefore, they are not nearly as potent, though they, too, are useful.

Lab-produced water serums, which include synthetic compounds, tend to be more potent than oil serums, as lab materials are manufactured to ensure the absorption of the active ingredients by manipulating the particle size of the ingredients/delivery agent. Therefore, lab-made chemical compounds tend to go deeper into the dermal layer of the skin (think Niacinamide) However, water serums tend to have varying PH levels, and therefore, can do more harm than good. This is because the varying ingredients in a water serum degrade and make for a more acidic product. 

Oil serums do not have a PH concern, as oils are neutral in PH, therefore, they do not burn the skin. However, certain oils can be harmful too, as they degrade. 

We manufacture with oils that have long shelf lives, ( they tend to be therefore be very expensive oils), and thus reduces your risk of reaction. However, reactions are always possible. One should exercise caution with ANY serum, water or oil based, that is applied to the skin. 

Why do oil-based serums work?

Plant extracts are mother nature’s gift to all living organisms. They feed all life on earth. Those plant extracts, when distilled and processed, leave behind rich deep oils that contain the most precious natural actives of a plant. 

These actives include :

Terpenes ( which inhibit the accumulation of toxins)

Sesquiterpenes (anti-inflammatory and antiseptic)

Limonene (anti-viral)


Geraniol ( known for calming, relaxing properties)

Phenols (Anti-oxidant in nature, also known for their anti-cancerous properties)

Vitamin K, C (trace amounts), E, F, A, (excellent for skin health, rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation concerns, acne concerns, redness, oil control, puffiness and swelling, rough skin, and uneven skin tone)


Why does this product work?

Comedogenic rating scale of oils that irritate the skin

0-1 – will not block pores or cause skin irritation

2 – has the possibility of clogging pores, but only for certain skin types

3 – A high possibility of clogging pores

4 -5 – Will clog pores and should be avoided

A supreme blend of facial oils is like a fine, matured cheese. High-quality inputs and a serious lineup of low comedogenic, exotic and potent oils make our products the ultimate blend of several actives and vitamin compounds. We have ten ingredients per serum, meaning ten different active ingredients, all complementing each other. The more oils are added to the serum, and the more benefits are imparted to the skin. That’s what makes our products so special. Refer back to our ingredient list, then compare it with anything else you have used in the past. You will notice that we have more ingredients, more exotic and expensive oils, and more variety in one bottle. We strictly do not formulate with popular ingredients that have a comedogenic rating of 2 and above. This means we have chosen to exclude any possible irritants to the skin. These include :

Coconut oil ( Comedogenic rating of 4-5)

Marula oil ( Comedogenic rating of 4-5)

Evening Primrose Oil ( Comedogenic rating of 4-5)

Jojoba ( which is not nearly as bad as the first three on the list but has a comedogenic rating of 2)

Almond oil ( a cheap oil which has a comedogenic rating of 2)

Grapeseed oil ( another cheap carrier oil with a comedogenic rating of 2)

Do I need to wear an SPF if I use your products?

Yes. Although our Raspberry seed oil may offer some limited SPF protection, we advise that you wear an SPF over the serums, as the potions do not offer sufficient and complete sun protection.

Is there anything I can not mix with this product? E.g. Vitamin C?

You may use anything with these serums. They were designed for an integrated skin routine that does not limit you to a schedule to maintain great, healthy-looking skin.

Even our Vitamin C is friendly with Vitamin A products and Niacinamide. 

As a precaution however, should you be using 100% Niacinimide powder directly on the skin, to please exercise caution, if used in conjunction with the Vitamin C Magic Potion specifically. 

Must I apply this before, during or after my foundation?

You should apply this before the foundation or with the foundation. We do not recommend the application of the product after foundation, as the potions act as a primer for the skin. This means that skin prepped with potion ingredients will give the foundation a better glide and reduce caking of your cosmetics. If using powder to set make-up, ensure that this is the last step in the routine, and allow a few minutes for the foundation and Potion to absorb and set onto the skin.

Will this product lighten my skin?

If you are looking for that miracle Michael Jackson snow-white look, unfortunately, none of our products offers those benefits. And none, ever will. We want to advocate for natural beauty and don’t believe that skin whitening will ever succeed in achieving that result.

Our products do brighten and lighten complexion insofar as they enhance dull, sun damaged, or age pigmented skin.