About Us

About us

I’m going to list all the reasons why skincare has disappointed me in the past.

Value for Money – how many brands claim to be affordable (which they are) only to mask the truth, that they sell cheaply made/processed, readily available ingredients, that cost next to nothing to bottle. What good is value for money, if it’s not valuable at all?

If it costs R20 to make, it’s not valuable. It’s just a bluff. Most affordable brands pray on people’s lack of knowledge around skincare. Water is free, so quit selling me watery products at 1000% mark up.

Fancy, yet useless packaging – Even the big brands are guilty of dressing products in expensive bottles, with expensive cardboard, of which, 90% will be thrown away without re-use.

Have you considered how much of the packaging you throw in the dust bin, from the first minute it arrives in your house, to the last drop in the bottle ? If a brand can’t offer me at least one re-usable item, how much am I paying for aesthetic nonsense?

Bad customer service – Why do businesses ignore their customers? Big brands don’t even notice you, after a purchase has been made. If you have a question, or don’t understand the product, no one is there to answer you, speak to you, or discuss your concerns. Wouldn’t it be nice, to have someone on the other line?

Fades and trends – A trend does not last. But your skin is going to be with you, for life. Should you select skincare based on the newest ingredient in the market, or based on research, human trials, and history? I’m tempted to shave my face, massage my skin with a metallic roller ball, and then, place copious layers of serums on-top of my freshly mutilated skin. But then again, does that really make sense ? Hollywood doesn’t look good because of a rigorous skin regiment, they look good because of exercise and a surgeon’s laser/razor. Fact.

Knowing all this, has led me to a conclusion.

We need true value in this market.

We need more utility in this industry.

We need better service levels, more understanding, and less profit mongering.

We need to question the trends, do the homework for you,  and get real, gradual, results.

We promise to :

Make products that aren’t cheap, with copious mark-up’s to hide a serious lack of functionality in ingredients. If we offer you a simple product, because your needs are just that, a lower relative price point is what you will get.

Give you packaging that you can re-use. Because, money shouldn’t be thrown in a dust bin unnecessarily.

Spoil you with free gifts. We will always include something special with your order. You deserve that. 

Communicate with you, when we ship your products. You’ll always get an email/sms when we send your special gift. If you don’t receive your package, you can reach us on Instagram, email and phone. We’re here to make sure you get what you paid for, and sometimes, even surprise you with more. Take a look at our reviews.

Do tests and trials to understand what works and what doesn’t. We hope to give you products that show results. We have made our testing and trails available to you – please refer to our human trial results to understand which product will suit you best (Click Here), and what others have said regarding each.

The secret is in the INGREDIENTS. Turmeric, Rose Damask, Sea Buckthorn, Raspberry seed, Prickly pear oil, Frankincense , Meadowfoam seed oil, just to name a few big players in our serums. Those are expensive to blend, but produce solid results. We don’t simply put 3 ingredients in one blend, and expect you to see improvements in your skin. We blend around 10 ingredients in one bottle, v most skincare brands, that throw 2 or 3 ingredients together. This makes our products effective. We do have basic serums too, like the Pure Potion, and the price point and rationale for the product reflect just this.

We promise, NEVER to use ingredients that have high comedogenic ratings. We will never formulate our skincare with Coconut oil, Marula oil, Evening Primrose oil, Avocado oil and other oils that are not suitable for your face.

Our ingredients must have a comedogenic rating of 0-1 – this therefore excludes Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil and the beloved Jojoba. Though these are decent oils, they have a comedogenic rating of 2 and an oleic content that is far too high for our appetite. 

We keep our oils expensive, and our standards are high. You would expect nothing less.

We’re in a sea of skincare industrialists, some with more money, more research and more marketing power. We know that, our only way to stand out, is to, well, STAND OUT.

Be better, offer more, explain why, and be there for you, on your skincare journey. We want you to feel excited and pampered with every package that arrives on your doorstep.

Welcome to Skinceutico. You deserve to be spoiled!



Skinceutico Team.