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The Blog about Life.

by Skinceutico Cosmetics 22 May 2022

The Blog about Life.

If you look the right way, you can see the whole world as a garden.

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the blog about how much life sucks and how to make it better.

This isn’t a blog dedicated to skincare, although I may talk about it from time to time.

This is a blog about reality. This is a blog about struggle. This is a blog about confidence, and the lack thereof. This is a blog about having the balls to be better.

This is the place to come, to hypothesize the meaning and purpose of your existence.

Welcome to the Skinceutico universe.

Inner voice:

“When I look at this photo attached, I see a woman with great hair and great skin, she looks like Heidi from the Hills. Is she on something? Why is she so happy? Maybe she’s happy because she’s an attractive woman, who has nothing to do all day long but stare at flowers. How delightfully lucky for her. If only we all could live such beautiful and footloose lives.

What diet is she on? She’s probably happy, eating carrots all day long in the village where Heidi came from. I can’t understand it. This photo is starting to annoy me. She’s so perfect, why can’t I be like her?  Her skin is glowing too. I wonder what make-up she’s using. Maybe she’s happy because she married the right guy. Maybe she’s happy because her life is super-duper perfect. Maybe she’s happy because she can fit into a size 8 skirt, and look good. Maybe she came from the right family, all perfect and proper. That caption doesn’t make sense. How can the whole world be a garden? Her garden looks far better than…oh, yes, I don’t have a garden. That’s why she’s happy, she’s privileged, she’s got no worries, I can tell. She’s got a garden but she’s not even looking at the garden. Her eyes are closed! This picture is an oud to the lucky and delusional. I wish I could dream-walk through that garden some time. I wish my life looked like this photo”

Reality check:

I take a second look. I realise this photo is not about this lady’s looks, it’s not about her good skin, it’s not about her tiny waistline. She’s not looking for a reason. She doesn’t need her eyes to see the world. She doesn’t need to have the perfect everything, to smile. She’s simply enjoying the moment. She’s enjoying her life based on some choice I don’t yet fully understand. Maybe it’s because she thinks differently? Maybe the caption is about her mind. Maybe this caption is about perspective.

How to gain PERSPECTIVE.

I’ve been contemplating perspective, because everything is perspective.

Did daddy beat you as a child? Or did you grow up in the slums? Are you still in the slums? Maybe you grew up in suburbia, behind a picket fence of misery? Or maybe, just maybe, you had a decent upbringing, with no mistakes made, loving mum and dad, no loss, no disappointment, no sadness, no regret…I say, no such thing! We’ve all collected some skeletons that writhe in the closet of the past. And, so what? Let’s not focus on the past, let’s focus on the present moment. Isn’t that the mentality of the current day preach? Ever wondered why it's generally ineffective?

I think the brain is just that complex. I don’t think we forget much, sub-consciously, I wonder if we forget anything at all. I think the memories of yesteryear, form the challenges of the present day, which inevitably shape the future of the day after. This must mean, we’re all in some vicious loop of living through the sins of our fathers and mothers, and grandparents, and ancestors. Can we escape who we are? Should we escape who we are?

Perhaps the quest of this life is as simple as the purpose of living organisms. To thrive, to adapt, to be better, feel better, live better, love better. But where do we start, and how the hell do we know what to do? Our internal guidance chips may be off-centre. Our friends and family are living out their own demons too. Everything is a projectile illusion of something cycling back into the mistakes from the past.

This brings me to right back to perspective. Perspective is the way you see the world, the way you experience this world and what this world offers you, is dependent on perspective.

Can we run away from the past? No. Can we live on the promise of the future? Maybe, but it’s awfully energy consuming. If the present moment is the only moment to appreciate, the only moment that doesn’t drain you, why don’t you just live inside it, and make yourself a happy home from it?

I believe that nothing is all good or all bad. There is a blend of experience in everything. Good moments and bad moments are on a constant collision course. Therefore, living in the present moment, does not truly guarantee smooth sailing. Nor would it. You are not guaranteed a happy life, nor are you guaranteed a sad one. You can guarantee a whole host of experiences, that you decipher for yourself.

Perspective enables us all to see the exact same picture in a different way. The reason we take home different stories from our perspective is mostly because we generate thoughts from a past experience. We then cultivate a new interpretation. The different interpretations of love, colour, art, beauty, form the uniqueness of what you represent.

If you think you represent nothing of value, fear not, most of us have our days of feeling pointless and thoughtless, and lonesome. Our individual interpretation of words, images, experiences, will always be just that, individual. And being an individual is a lonely paradigm shift from the unified way we want to feel, as humans. We want to feel connected, yet we will always feel somewhat alone too. This is the human struggle. Maybe it’s time to embrace it?

The point of life, is the experience of life. Perspective is our unique experience of this life. The time between the past, present and future is the air we breathe to experience it.

The good and the bad, and the everything in-between, is unique to you. But what you do with your experience, that’s up to you. I think the most valid point of experience is the acknowledgement of that experience. We only know, what we know, and we know what we choose to know. So let’s choose to acknowledge, that experience, is the reason, why we are here. We are here, to experience anything, and everything. We are here to judge that experience to understand it. We are here to decipher the meaning of our world.

If perspective is a set of sunglasses, which ones are we wearing? Dark morbid shades? Fashion trendy but uncomfortable? Polarized and efficient? Or a blend of everything?

Do you see the world the same way, every, single day? Like you would, with sunglasses?

Perhaps perspective is not a set of sunglasses, because that is a static object that never changes. Perhaps it is a living creature, like a pet. Do you own a dog ? A cat? A turtle? A snake? Does that pet have a personality of its own? Does your interaction with it, effect its personality? YES. That must be what perspective is. A dynamic, living nest of hopes, dreams, experiences, disappointments, surprises etc.

If this is true, that must mean what you once saw as fashion trendy, or desirable, or fulfilling, can change to something you now acknowledge as customary, obligatory, archaic, or uncool even? The same concept can apply in reverse. Who or what you once thought was silly, uninteresting, unfavourable, or unloving, is now something you can see as complicated, captivating, and motivating and beautiful. The point is, experience changes perspective. And perspective changes constantly. It is an evolving concept.

The aim of life, is to experience a better one. This is the design of life as we know it. To thrive, to grow, to learn, and experience. Experience is a default setting for every person, regardless of age, profession or gender. The question becomes, how to improve this outlook? How to improve the perspective? How to improve the experience?

Remember how I mentioned that perspective cannot be static, as your view of the world changes? Remember how I also compared it to a pet, something you interact with, something you enjoy, something that changes after your interaction with it? If a pet is a loving creature that we care for, which brings us joy and love, surely your perspective should be cherished in the same way?  The quality of our perspective leads to a healthier life. But perspective is not a loving animal we play and cuddle with. We don’t feel or experience perspective, like we feel and experience people and pets. We don’t feel perspective changes, we can’t touch them. So how do we ‘upgrade’ perspective?

The answer lies in purpose.

If your pet is naughty, and eats your favourite shoe, your perspective about your pet can change. But love, overrides the feelings of irritation, and your pet is loved regardless. The purpose of a connection, out-weights its problems.

Similarly, perspective is about your love of art, people, pets, hobbies, and life in general. This perspective can be shifted by the irritations of life, its limitations, its unfairness, its disappointments.

But what matters more? The experience of this life, which you cannot choose or run away from, or the purpose you have to enjoy what it does give you?

Sometimes, it’s easier to enjoy a new perspective, other times, not so much. Perspectives aren’t driven by positive moments, they are driven by every moment, both good and bad.

 This means, we constantly shift between the good and the bad. Sometimes, it’s more bad than good, other times, its more good than bad. How do you appreciate perspective, if it’s not wonderful all the time? Well, how would you appreciate anything, if everything always went your way? You wouldn’t be able to appreciate good moments, if you didn’t have bad ones.

Life shifts everything in good and bad ways. The point is to hold the good, whilst experiencing the bad. Easier said than done, unless you love what you are, who you are, why you are here, and what you want to achieve from this life. Unless you embrace your purpose, you will not embrace your life.

I guess, the entire summary of this blog entry is about purpose, experience AND perspective. We all have an experience, we all therefore, need to find a purpose, and we all need to cherish our perspectives. They ground our understanding of everything. We have the choice, to see the world as we please, but the possibility, to understand that good and bad exists together, and that one does not outweigh the other. If good and bad is not in a constant state of battle, then no battles exist. But life is a battlefield. We all know that life is difficult. We just need to pick the battles we can win.

By deciding who we want to be, and what we want to stand for, maybe you automatically upgrade your life. If storms come, they pass, because you are steadfast in what you want out of life. Nothing in this world is in a state of permanence, and nothing about you, will remain as it is today. Everything changes. This is very good news.

  • This means that what was bad about the past, can be better tomorrow.
  • This means that what we have experienced before, can be improved upon.
  • This means that, whatever you wish to change about yourself, can be changed.
  • This means that, your flaws, don’t define what you can become.
  • This means that whatever hurts you today, can cease to hurt you tomorrow.
  • This also means that good tidings can be temporary, so better appreciate them whilst they last.
  • This also means that good people, good experiences, good feelings, can change. So harness the knowledge of why they made you feel good today, so you can re-create them tomorrow.

 Ultimately, celebrate the successes, and understand the impermanence of the failings.

Purpose is a steering wheel, through which your perspective is shifted. If you can keep the purpose of your life steadfast, you can handle the bad weather that it brings.

Until next time, stay shining.

About Skinceutico :

 A skincare brand that’s looking to make you feel good from the inside out.

We know life is tough. We just hope to make you feel good about whatever comes your way.

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